Tisari Mumbai

Mumbai is a financial capital of India. Most of the public come here to gain financial growth due to this it becomes densest city.

Mumbai is considered the economic capital of India. The reason is the major financial and commercial centres of the country present here. This is the city where head offices of the major public and private financial institutions of the country like RBI, SBI and BSE, Tata group etc. are present. Every year a large number of people turn to Mumbai for better future. In such a situation the pressure of the population in Mumbai is increasing every year.

As Mumbai developed, there was a need for another Mumbai. The extent of Mumbai formed by connecting Seven Island could not be increase even by filling the sea. Navi Mumbai was created after mumbai. In Navi Mumbai also people have various options to generate the revenue. Due to increasing business hub there is a need to connect the Mumbai and Navi Mumbai world widely by International airport.

Now a Tisari Mumbai is being created near to Mumbai and Navi Mumbai which is bigger than both the existing cities. A new smart and sustainable city is emerging with world class connectivity and infrastructure. Government is investing a huge amount to develop the Navi Mumbai international airport with doubling cargo handling capacity, India’s longest sea bridge (MTHL sea link) which connects the Mumbai, India’s widest National highway- Multi-modal corridor with metro connection, Local train, water taxies etc.

In this megacity- Medicity, Sport City, Educity, Research and development zone, Eco-tourism & Entertainment, IT sectors like this dedicated sectors are developing. Tisari Mumbai is also being connected to the highways, railways and metro cities which will facilitate the growth and development of business & economic projects in the region. Because of this these projects are at the top of the priority list of investors at the same time lakhs of people also looking for an affordable flats in this region.

The business hub and the hi-tech infrastructure of this SMART City helps to boost the economic growth of India.

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