In the ‘Loksatta Shahrabhan’ programme, Dr. Sanjay Mukherjee gave information about various projects undertaken through ‘MMRDA’ in the Mumbai metropolitan area. Navi

Mumbai: A new city will be developed where the Mumbai-Parbandar Project (Shivadi-Nhavasheva Sea Bridge) starting from Shivdi ends in the direction of Navi Mumbai, announced the Metropolitan Commissioner of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA). Sanjay Mukherjee on Wednesday in the ‘Loksatta Shahrabhan’ programme.

In the ‘Loksatta Shahrabhan’ program organized in the hall of Maharashtra Seva Sangh in Mulund, Dr. Sanjay Mukherjee gave information about various projects undertaken through ‘MMRDA’ in the Mumbai metropolitan area. He also presented the position of the authority regarding future planning. The Dr. Shivdi-Nhavasheva Sea Bridge, which will cover the distance between Mumbai and Navi Mumbai in just 20 to 22 minutes, is in the final stage of completion, and it will be put into traffic service soon. Mukherjee said. Due to this sea bridge, the distance from Mumbai to Navi Mumbai will be reduced. But this project will give a new identity to the Mumbai metropolitan region. Many opportunities for industrial and economic development will be created in the area of ​​Navi Mumbai through which this sea bridge is passing. Considering this opportunity, Dr. Mukherjee announced that MMRDA has decided to develop a new town in the Mumbai Parbandar project area, i.e., where Sagari Setu ends in Navi Mumbai.

In order to reach Virar directly from South Mumbai by the seacoast route, the Versova to Virar Sea Bridge is being constructed by ‘MMRDA’. This will be a 45-kilometer-long sea bridge, and the project is going up to 94 kilometers with the work of connecting roads. This sea bridge will be the longest sea bridge in the country. He also said that the process of raising funds with the help of Jayaka for this project of 65 thousand crores is going on.

 The ‘Loksatta Shahrabhan’ program was introduced by Girish Kuber, editor of ‘Loksatta’. “When the city is developing, we have many complaints. But some factors work for us. Every day, water comes, roads are cleared, and buses are running. So the role of this program is to connect with how the city works. That is why the name of this program is Shahrabhan’, said Kuber. Saraswat Co-op Bank Ltd. Dr. Shilpa Mulgaonkar and Veena World’s Ketaki Kale. Mukherjee were welcomed. Mumbai Bureau Chief of ‘Loksatta’ Rasika Mulay and Mumbai Metropolitan Region Bureau Chief Jayesh Samant Dr. interacted with Mukherjee. This program was moderated by Kunal Rege.

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