Now Maharashtra will get a new Mumbai. CIDCO MD Anil Diggikar said that CIDCO will do the road works on the lines of Navi Mumbai International Airport. – Third Mumbai

नवी मुंबई : Maharashtra will now get its third Mumbai. CIDCO is going to build roads in 23 villages of Panvel, Uran taluka, which is emerging as new Mumbai, by spending 12 thousand crore rupees. CIDCO has taken this strategic decision for the rapid development of these 23 villages in Naina area, and tenders for these works are going to be floated in the next month. CIDCO MD Anil Diggikar said that CIDCO will carry out the road works on the lines of Navi Mumbai International Airport on war footing.

Airport work in progress:
The work of Navi Mumbai International Airport is in progress. CIDCO will develop 23 villages in Panvel, Uran taluka, which is east of the airport, under the Naina scheme. This area will also be known as Third Mumbai. Though CIDCO will develop in Pen, Khalapur, Karjat area of ​​Raigad district in future through Naina scheme, currently only 23 villages of Panvel and Uran talukas have been included in the first phase.

Development works of 12 nodes will be done in one phase:
It is seen that development work in Naina area is not going fast. The local villagers are also protesting against the Naina project. Development of new areas by CIDCO is done piecemeal rather than in a unified manner.

Due to this, the plots of the local project affected farmers are not getting the proper price. Therefore, paying special attention to this, CIDCO will now take up the development work of 12 nodes in Naina area in one phase instead of in stages. CIDCO has hired a private company to design it. Once the plan is ready, within the next month, CIDCO will take up the tender and take up the works. CIDCO expects to spend around Rs 12 crore for this entire work.

Roads of modern design without roundabouts and signals:
All the encroachments on the road will be removed for the construction of the network of roads under TPS scheme 1 to 12 in Naina area. While constructing the roads, care will be taken that no signal system or intersection should come anywhere. So the roads will be in straight lines and flyovers or underpasses will be constructed wherever needed. Because of this; CIDCO will build roads of modern design without intersections and signals.

Third Mumbai

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