Introducing the MTHL, the game-changing bridge that spans 21.8 km linking Mumbai to Navi Mumbai. With a soaring height of 16.5 meters on the sea, it’s India’s longest bridge. Dr. Sanjay Mukherjee, Metropolitan Commissioner of MMRDA, shares insights into this extraordinary project.

– Source YouTube : JK Super Podcast 

Introductions A Project that will change Mumbai forever
2:10 The role of the Metropolitan Commissioner of MMRDA./The Scope of MMRDA
4:22 Background of Dr. Sanjay Mukherjee IAS
6:21 Mumbai Trans Harbour Link (MTHL)
9:43 Development of CIDCO coastal roads connecting MTHL
10:43 Why is it a Game-Changing Infrastructure Development
16:22 The Challenges in developing MTHL
18:44 The hurdle of acquiring Clearances & Permissions.
19:48 Environmental Sustainability of the Project.
23:19 Engineering Marvel of MTHL
27:58 The Global Perspective on MTHL
29:10 Benefits of the MTHL Project
30:20 The Process of Constructing a Bridge over the Sea
33:12 How is the MTHL Project dealing with the problem of Traffic Congestion
35:41 Pre-emptive Precautions to deal with Unforeseen Catastrophes by the MTHL Project

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Now a Tisari Mumbai is being created near to Mumbai and Navi Mumbai which is bigger than both the existing cities. A new smart and sustainable city is emerging with world class connectivity and infrastructure. Government is investing a huge amount to develop the Navi Mumbai international airport with doubling cargo handling capacity, India’s longest sea bridge (MTHL sea link) which connects the Mumbai, India’s widest National highway- Multi-modal corridor with metro connection, Local train, water taxies etc.

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